Annique Langford

My name is Annique Langford 
I'm 54 years old born in north Jutland Dk
We have been living in Sweden for 5 years and im loving it, the nature here give so much inspiration and inner peace.
I was born into a very creative family, my dad was a known painter until his death in 82.
 I remember as a little girl I had my own little canvas and tried to pick up some of his techniques but I guess I never did, but the passion for art I got and I'm very glad for that, and it has always been a part of my life, but first since we moved to Sweden I got ALL the time I need.
I'm mostly working with acrylic and resin for my paintings and Powertex for my figurines 
My Gallery 62 is located on storgatan 4 Eslöv 
It's open Mon-Wednesday 11-18